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RODENTS - Squirrels, Rats, Mice
A rodent problem can be very serious. They can make a home in your property, damaging materials and affecting the health of inhabitants. To resolve the problem you need to block access. It is also wise to clear away food and water sources. Our team have experience of dealing with various types of rodents. We can provide effective control solutions.

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INSECTS - Ants and Cockroaches
Waste food can attract ants and cockroaches to your property. The presence of either of them can have a big impact on the health of inhabitants. To tackle the problem you need to clean up the food waste and must put better practices in place to prevent it building up. We can do this as well as taking care of the pests in your property.

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OTHER INSECTS - Bedbugs, Wasps, Moths, Beetles
The presence of any kind of insect can have a serious impact on a property. Fortunately we can provide a solution for each of them. We think about the long term and providing the most effective solutions.

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BIRDS - Pigeons
Having pigeons nesting or roosting on your home is a big problem. They can cause a number of damages and create a lot of noise too. We can get rid of them quickly though and take steps to prevent them returning. You can expect an excellent level of service every time.

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COMMERCIAL - Retail Spaces, Offices, Restaurants
Reputation is everything for a business and you don't want any little thing to tarnish it. Pests can certainly cause that, whether it is rodents, insects, or birds. With our help you can get rid of any of them. That way they won't affect your customers or employees.

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Solutions TAD Ltd is one of the most talented teams in our field. We have a reputation a friendly provider of Brompton pest control services. As well as resolving the issue we provide advice and tips so people can be proactive in preventing issues in the future.