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RODENTS - Mice, Squirrels, and Rats
We are the best when it comes to figuring out how these animals made their way inside in the first place. If you choose our fixed price services, not only can we take care of the current problem, but we can also stop future ones. Preventing issues is always easier than resolving an infestation.

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INSECTS - Ants and Wasps
Wasps and ants can ruin anyone's day, so you need to deal with them quickly. Fortunately, we have the fast solution you're looking for. No longer will you need to put up with the former stinging you and the latter nibbling on you and your food.

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OTHER INSECTS - Beetles, Cockroaches, Fleas, and Moths
There's more than a couple of insects out there that can make your existence a misery. Which one it is doesn't matter to us though. We're prepared for anything that comes our way. Every service will aim to provide the most efficient solution.

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BIRDS - Pigeons
Every day, pigeons trespass on our properties and leave behind huge messes that we must clean up. In addition to this, the noises they make can become distracting and can wreck our concentration whilst we try and complete a task. We can assist you in getting rid of these flying menaces and discouraging them from coming back.

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COMMERCIAL - Shops, Restaurants, Offices
Let us manage the pest control issues while you see to it that your establishment stays open for business. If you allow these creatures to roam free throughout your property, it will leave a negative impression on all your visitors. With our assistance, you'll be able to keep your hygiene rankings high and everyone else pleased.

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We are the leading supplier of East Finchley Pest Control Services. No matter what, we shall make certain that we meet your requirements.