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RODENTS - Mice, Squirrels, Rats
The number of different ways rodents can access your property is impressive. They can fit through even tiny gaps and make themselves at home. Getting rid of them afterwards can be very tricky. Fortunately our team can help. We know about their behaviour and can provide a suitable solution.

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INSECTS - Cockroaches and Moths
Your health can be seriously affected if your property is full of pests, especially cockroaches. They carry various diseases and some people are actually allergic to them. Moths are less problematic but can destroy fabrics. We can provide a quick pest control service for both of these types of insects.

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OTHER INSECTS - Bedbugs, Ants, Wasps, Beetles
Each of these other breeds of insect can also cause big problems if they infest a property. Again we can provide a solution, getting rid of them quickly with minimal disruptions.

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BIRDS - Pigeons
The damage pigeons can cause is extensive. They can wear away roofing materials and guttering as well as damaging TV aerials and solar panels. They also make a lot of noise and can disrupt your peace. Luckily there are a number of options available for deterrents. We can provide them and keep your property safe for the long term.

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COMMERCIAL - Shops, Restaurants, Offices
A dirty, pest filled commercial space is unlikely to impress your customers or employees. In fact it could even put them at risk. You should keep the premises clean and ensure pests are tackled as soon as possible so that a large infestation won't occur. We can help with the latter, delivering solutions to suit your needs.
deterrents. We can provide them and keep your property safe for the long term.

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