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RODENTS - Rats, Mice, Squirrels
It may not look like much but your property can offer a warm place for rodents to set up a nest. Not only are they known for eating your food, but also spreading diseases. Ensure you're free of any hidden creatures by contacting a professional pest control team. We can lure them out, using the best method for the situation.

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INSECTS - Beetles and Moths
You may keep a clean area, but that does not mean that beetles will not find their way inside. Small amounts of food or even your carpet could be attracting these insects. Moths appear to come out of nowhere, destroying your clothes in the process. As well as dealing with all traces of these insects, we can offer advice and guidance. We will help you to keep them from returning.

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OTHER INSECTS - Ants, Fleas, Wasps and Bees
Regardless of the insect problem, we will use our knowledge and expertise to get rid of it. Whether they're harming you, your items or your property, we will work to give you a solution to rid you of them.

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BIRDS - Pigeons
Pigeons are a troublesome bird. If they do happen to set up a base in your property, it's not only rowdy but also very destructive. Our specialists can help you get an effective and long-term solution.

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COMMERCIAL - Restaurants, Shops, Places of Work
Hygiene is a vital aspect for your business. Put your customers and staff at ease. We offer a fast service that we personalise to you and your needs. Whether the extent of the infestation is large or small, we would be happy to help you. We can also offer additional assistance on preventing future invading the property.

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Solutions TAD Ltd is here to provide you with a specialist service you can depend on. We can help you quickly while tailoring to your individual requirements. Get in touch with our team today for effective North London pest control services.