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RODENTS - Mice, Squirrels, Rats
Different types of rodent will be attracted to your home because it is warm, sheltered, and a source of food and water. They can be very illusive and make it difficult to tell you have an infestations. Luckily our professional team can assist you. We understand how these pests behave and can use different techniques to get rid of them.

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INSECTS - Ants and Beetles
Food waste and rotting wood are immensely attractive to ants and beetles. Once they infest your property it may be far less comfortable than you hoped. Fortunately we know how to overcome issues and can offer guidance about how to ensure your property has fewer possible sources of food for the pests.

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OTHER INSECTS - Moths, Bedbugs, Wasps, Cockroaches
The other types of insect that can invade your home can cause various problems. For example moths damage your clothes, bedbugs can disrupt your sleep, wasps sting, and cockroaches carry disease and ruin the hygiene. We can tackle each of them, ensuring your home is pleasant and clean.

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BIRDS - Pigeons
When pigeons nest on your home it can cause several problems. They can damage the building materials, solar panels, and even vehicles. In addition they are noisy and disruptive. Don't put up with the problem. Our team have various means at our disposal to disperse the birds and discourage them from returning.

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COMMERCIAL - Offices, Restaurants, Retail Spaces
The aim of any business should be to ensure customers have the best possible experience. It is hard to do this if the property is infested with different types of pest. In the worst situations the pests can put the future of the enterprise at risk, especially if you deal with food. Call on us for a fast solution that will ensure you have the best environment for customers.

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Solutions TAD Ltd works hard to assist all clients. We offer the best Richmond pest control services because we are able to take on so many different problems. We are also with you quickly in any situation. Contact our team today.