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RODENTS - Rats, Mice, and Squirrels
The key to tackling these pests is to determine how they initially gained access to the property. We can find out and block up entrances to reduce accessibility. We charge a fixed fee get rid of the issue, offering excellent value for money as well as long term results.

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INSECTS - Fleas and Bed Bugs
The major problem with fleas and bed bugs is an infestation can happen quickly. The pests reproduce very fast and can therefore be very tricky to get rid of. Fortunately we can offer a very fast response and provide effective solutions. Our focus is on destroying all traces, ensuring that all the insects are gone.

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OTHER INSECTS - Including Moths, Wasps, Cockroaches and Ants
All of these intruders can be frustrating, putting your health and wellbeing at risk. Luckily, our team have the training to deal with the issues. Expect a fast, efficient solution because the longer you wait the worse an issue can become.

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BIRDS - Pigeons
When birds nest on or in your roof it can cause all kinds of problems. For example it can result in damage to roofing materials, put the health of inhabitants at risk, and even affect TV services. If that wasn't enough the noise and mess is also a big nuisance. Call on us for an effective pigeon deterrent solution.

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COMMERCIAL - Restaurants, Retail Spaces, Offices
A pest infestation can have a huge impact on your business, potentially also ruining your reputation. Our team can provide a tailor-made solution for various kinds of pests. As a result you can enjoy a much better hygiene rating and won't have to worry about unwanted guests damaging your inventory.

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