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RODENTS - Squirrels, Rats, Mice
If you want to be rid of these pests, you must discover the entry points they used. Not only are we experts at locating them, but we can also seal them up to prevent future problems. Our aid can be yours for a fixed price, making ours a cost effective service.

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INSECTS - Moths and Fleas
Both fleas and moths can cause infestations in next to no time at all. They reproduce like crazy, which will make your life quite difficult. With our efficient and hasty solutions however, you can deal with them promptly. In addition, we don't leave behind any evidence of their presence.

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OTHER INSECTS - Bedbugs, Cockroaches, and Ants
There are many unique insects out there, but each one has its weaknesses. We know what these vulnerabilities are and use this knowledge when helping you. As a result we can devise the most effective solution for each and every situation, including large infestations.

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BIRDS - Pigeons
Pigeons feel the need to nest on our rooftops. Although this might be the ideal place for them, it's not a preferable scenario for us. They negatively influence our TV reception and can damage the structure, leaving us unprotected against certain health issues. We have the answer to your pigeon problem, so rely on us when you require assistance.

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COMMERCIAL - Shops, Offices, Restaurants
No business' reputation can survive a massive pest infestation. It doesn't matter whether you sell food or something that's non-consumable. The moment someone notices a legion of critters running about, they'll be out the door in a flash. If you want to avoid embarrassment, and potential bankruptcy, give our people a call.

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The team members here at Solutions TAD Ltd are the top suppliers of Stanmore pest control services. If you want to teach those creatures a lesson, get in touch with us.