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RODENTS - Squirrels, Mice, and Rats
We are well aware of the ways in which these creatures are able to access your premises. Our team shall offer you a fixed price service in order to overcome the issue and pinpoint those zones that require attention. This will stop similar problems from popping up again in the future.

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INSECTS - Fleas and Bedbugs
Flea and bedbug situations can quickly grow out of control, something we understand all too well. With us, you'll receive the hasty response you desire. After we're finished, there won't be a trace of these insects left. Once they are out of the way, you can get a good night's sleep.

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OTHER INSECTS - Beetles and Ants
The type of pest that's invaded your house doesn't matter, as we're prepared for all scenarios. Every solution will be fast and we will look to get rid of every trace of the infestation. In addition, we look to make sure that problems won't happen again in the future.

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BIRDS - Pigeons
Pigeons continue to intrude on our personal space. If one has made its nest underneath your solar panels, inside your loft, roosting on your aerial, or is just being a general nuisance, we can help you dissuade them from visiting your property ever again.

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COMMERCIAL - Restaurants, Shops, Offices
While we're handling the pests, you can carry on running your business. We supply tailor-made solutions that can safeguard your building against various unwanted visitors. With our aid, you can refine your "score on the door" hygiene classification. Your staff can also work in peace without any distractions racing across their desks.

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There's no greater provider of Uxbridge pest control services than Solutions TAD Ltd. Contact us the moment you notice any issues developing.