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RODENTS - Mice, Squirrels, Rats
Whatever the property, the fact it offers shelter and potential food and water sources makes it attractive to rodents. Even if you are careful they may find a way to gain access. Our team can help make sure this doesn't happen. We can also take care of existing infestations, carefully tackling the pest problem.

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INSECTS - Wasps and Cockroaches
Wasps can be very dangerous to have infesting your home because of how aggressive they become. Cockroaches are equally problematic because they affect hygiene and carry disease. If you have an issue with either of them you should call for help as soon as possible. Trust in our team to produce the best possible results.

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OTHER INSECTS - Bedbugs, Ants, Moths, Beetles
Any insect infestation can result in a lot of problems. For example people can have allergic reactions to bedbugs and ants. Getting rid of all traces of the pests can be tricky. Fortunately we are here to help.

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BIRDS - Pigeons
Although you may not consider them a pest, they are classed as one. They can cause considerable damage to your property and put the health of residents at risk. There are a number of different ways to stop them nesting and even roosting on your property. We can provide the right one for your needs.

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COMMERCIAL - Offices, Shops, Restaurants
Whether you have an office, a shop, a restaurant, or another commercial space, it is important to be wary of pests. They can cause you considerable problems, including putting customers off and affecting the health of your employees. In some cases your entire reputation may be ruined. Our team can provide a fast solution, ensuring we maximise benefits for our clients.

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Solutions TAD Ltd has the skills and experience to provide first rate West London pest control services. Contact us today to arrange a service. Whatever your needs we will maximise standards.